Choosing the right invoicing solution

Sam Jennings
May 12, 2024

Invoicing shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming

For businesses, invoicing is a step towards getting paid - and therefore it should be fun! However, there are still many complicated and time consuming processes to create, send, chase and get invoices paid. In addition, much of the time information is being double keyed between the invoicing and accounting software - leading to yet more manual work. 

As a result, many small businesses still leave their invoicing to evenings and weekends -  leading to frustration and delaying the opportunity to get paid. 

Sending invoices immediately can improve your cashflow

Cashflow is critical to the success of small businesses. How quickly invoices are sent is integral to cash flow and therefore the success or failure of the business. Simply, getting paid earlier makes more cash available to pay bills. 

Having an easily accessible invoicing tool online and via mobile app means that you can send your invoices in just a few clicks. The faster a customer receives an invoice, the faster they can pay it. 

A high quality digital payment experience gets you paid faster 

Over the past decade, online payments have transformed - up to now innovation has primarily been led by the Ecommerce industry. The most successful retailers have invested large sums into optimising their payments experience. This is because a great payment experience leads to more purchases. 

Drawing a parallel to invoice payments - a high quality, tailored payment experience does not necessarily improve the likelihood of getting an invoice paid, but it does make the payer more likely to pay immediately on receipt. A great payment experience means better cashflow and fewer overdue invoices. 

Not all solutions are equal

There are many invoice payment solutions out there, when considering which to use there are a few key criteria: 

  • Cost: is there a monthly subscription fee and what is the charge for digital payments?
  • Your experience: how easy is it to create, send and manage your invoices?
  • Your customers’ experience: how good is the payment experience?
  • Integrations to accounting software: is the tool fully integrated so it doesn’t produce any additional work for you / your accountant?

We’re upgrading invoice payments for businesses and consumers, delivering great experiences with lower fees. 

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