Cut manual work, delight customers!

Automate your business or consumer invoice-to-cash process. A modern UX, best-in-class payments, and all reconciled back to popular accounting software. It’s a no-regrets move.

Accountant checking all of her invoices being paid.

How it works

Drop the invoice

Take any pdf or image and drop it into your Adfin Console. We get all the information we need without you having to type a thing. If you have multiple invoices, upload them all for payment in one click. For more advanced users, we can support SFTP or software integrations - just contact us to discuss.

Drop your invoice in Adfin.

We automate the distribution

We can send via email, WhatsApp and SMS - and you can always edit messages for your own style if needed. Adfin’s professional distribution helps build trust, and our trusted consumer brand means invoices get paid faster.

Invoice email on a phone.

We handle payments

Our job is to get the invoice paid - so we present the best payment methods to the customer, with the latest tech so the experience is as slick possible. We settle funds immediately, maximising our benefit to the biller’s cashflow.

Invoice payment options on a phone.

We chase the customer if necessary

We use our intelligent, AI-powered models to remind the customer (nicely!) to pay. Adfin invoices get paid 50% faster than those sent by you directly - without you having to do a thing.

Invoices notification on a mobile phone.

See payment status at a glance

Our powerful Console means you can see at a glance who has paid and who hasn’t, across one biller or all the billers you manage. Everything syncs back to Xero (other integrations are in the works) and there are plenty of filtering and export options, naturally.

table view of all invoices.
Drop your invoice in Adfin.
Invoice email on a phone.Invoice payment options on a phone.Invoices notification on a mobile phone.
table view of all invoices.

Loved by bookkeepers

Accountant in his office, monitoring invoices.

Minimise manual work

The invoice-to-cash process is important - but tedious. We allow you to automate the tedious bits so you can focus on adding value for your customers.
Accountant in her office doing work.

Smooth payment matters

Adfin gives you access to the best possible payment experience - far better than billers can implement themselves and helping them stand out vs their competition.
Happy accountant considering her invoicing strategy.

Create a new service

If you don’t offer AR services today, now you can! Adfin makes it easy to stand up an outsourced service on behalf of your clients.


We like to keep things simple: it’s free to create an account, there are no monthly fees, and no minimums. We just charge for payments.

Pricing plan
1% per payment
Invoice management platform
Import your invoice
Create an invoice (coming soon)
Manage invoices: see status at a glance, send reminders,
and filter the view
Export your transactions to your accounting software
Export transactions to a csv (spreadsheet) file
Invoice distribution
Sending invoices and reminders by email, WhatsApp, and SMS
Intelligent payment reminders
Adfin Intelligent Payments: cards and bank transfers to maximise acceptance
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Leading fraud prevention and security
Daily (weekday) payout to your bank account
Integrations with other software tools
(excl. accounting software)
Tight integration with a management tool or platform (e.g. your PMS or MIS): additional charge but contact us to discuss!
Join waitlist
If the user pays with a corporate card, or a non-UK card, we’ll pass on the additional card fees to them. If you would rather take these yourself, just let us know.

Get 3 months free

Get in touch now to secure 3 months of totally free payments (up to 10 a month).


We always wanted to offer an accounts receivable service, but couldn’t find a way to make it pay its way. Adfin makes that super easy - we love it!



I really like how the platform has been designed, it is a breath of fresh air compared to an accounting platform that we all know but I won’t name...




How do I sign up for Adfin?

To get started with Adfin, simply sign up for our waitlist. We're currently inviting a select number of businesses to help shape our product in the early stages. Sign up and we'll get in touch with you.

What are the costs associated with using Adfin?

Adfin keeps it simple. Creating an account is free, and there are no monthly fees. We only charge a 1% fee for payments.

Can Adfin sync with my accounting software?

Adfin seamlessly integrates with your cloud accounting software, like Xero. It automatically syncs with your accounts.