• Media Accountability
  • Transaction Intelligence
  • Spend Optimizations

Stop Trading in The Dark

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AD/FIN seamlessly integrates unparalleled big data analysis for enhanced performance and savings with the verification and control benefits of blockchain. With AD/FIN, marketer’s get the most out of every dollar.

AD/FIN customers see results. On average, clients experience 10x+ ROI in improved performance and costs savings across their digital supply chain. We do this through our proprietary Media Intelligence Platform, the next-generation in in marketing intelligence and big data analytics, and the only independent platform built for the scale and complexity of the digital ecosystem.

Improve. Save.

How we do it

AD/FIN captures, validates, unifies, analyzes and securely stores media transaction and performance data. This data is generated continuously at the log level by platforms across the digital ecosystem -- DSPs, SSPs, Ad Servers, Verification Providers, Billing Systems. Our platform turns these billions of disparate data points into actionable insights.


Data Control & Governance

  • Never Lose Mission Critical Data
  • Capture Before your Data is Discarded
  • Auto Ingest, Normalize & Store
  • 100% Analysis & Audit Ready
  • 24x7x365 access to AD:BOX dashboards
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    Intelligence & Optimizations

  • 100% Supply Chain Transparency
  • 100% Media Accountability & Auditability
  • Robust Supply Chain & Trading Optimization Toolkit
  • Real-time, Continuous Insights
  • 24x7x365 access to AD:COMPLETE dashboards
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    Ingest BigData

    From any dsp or ssp
    in the ecosystem

    Extract BigIntelligence

    Process billions of records per day
    Display queries in seconds

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    It’s easy to get started. Just provide permission for AD/FIN to access your
    transaction data on your behalf from your trading desk and/or DSPs and we do the rest.

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