Launching invoice payments as a platform

Sam Jennings
May 13, 2024

Embedded Accounts Receivables is now core to the vertical SaaS offering 

Businesses increasingly look to their vertical SaaS provider to help manage all aspects of their day to day activity. An efficient Accounts Receivables process is key to running any business. Many services businesses today are using their vertical SaaS to schedule, quote and manage customer relationships - but then are logging on to their accounting software in order to raise an invoice and get paid. This wastes time and leaves them using an outdated and expensive way to get paid. 

Increasingly, vertical SaaS providers are looking to bridge this gap through implementing an invoice-to-cash solution, enabling their customers to manage activity from a single hub. 

Payments are a revenue opportunity for your platform

Expanding your offering to include payments can not only benefit your customers, it can also become a key revenue driver for your business. You’re currently missing out - payment fees are being paid by your customers to their accounting platform. Through directly supporting payments, you can share in the revenue opportunity instead. 

However, it is still complex and costly for platforms to launch these services

This all sounds great, right? However, the reality of running any software business today is that development resources are tightly constrained and any new solution development comes with a heavy opportunity cost. 

Integrating, even with modern payment service providers (PSPs), comes with a significant investment into both the integration but also ancillary services (e.g. invoice creation, distribution, reporting, reconciliation). 

We are doing things differently, to make it quick and easy for you to launch

Our team has been working closely with platforms to implement payments for years, and has consistently heard the same set of challenges when assessing whether to support a payments solution. 

That’s why we have built Adfin differently. Vastly simpler than a PSP integration but with better experiences for your customers. Start with a no-code integration that looks after all aspects of invoicing beyond just payments. We get you to live faster at a fraction of the cost vs a traditional PSP.

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