Intelligent payments, that get you paid faster.

A tailored experience to each customer, so they have the very best experience.

Intelligent payments

We always present and nudge your customers towards the best payment method for the job.

  • Get paid faster

    Our best in class experience gets your invoices paid faster.

  • Boost your cash flow

    Same day settlement, so you can access your funds immediately.

Payment methods on mobile
Picking a bank for an open banking payment.

Pay by bank

Our market leading pay by bank option enables customers to approve a payment directly from their bank app with just a few clicks.

  • Seamless and secure

    Every payment is biometrically authenticated.

  • Built for high value payments

    99%+ conversion rates even at high transaction values.

Apple and Google Pay

One-click payments with the wallets of choice for millions of consumers.

  • Fast and easy

    One-click payments: no manual data entry for your customers.

  • Privacy and security built in

    Payments are biometrically approved on the device, protecting you and your customers against fraud

Invoice with option to pay with Apple pay or Google pay
Man making a secure payment on his phone.

Secure, stored card.

Customers pay with their stored card.

  • Secure authentication

    Adfin authenticates and secures the customer by text message to protect against fraud.

  • Seamless experience for all users

    Even where pay by bank and mobile wallets are not available.

The best way to get your invoices paid

No code

Drag and drop your invoices and let us handle the rest.

Fraud protection

To keep you and your customers safe.

Down payments

Easily configure down payments.


Automatically collect payments in instalments.

Instant notifications

Watch those payments coming in.

Effortless tracking

Check payment status at a glance.

Get 3 months free

Get in touch now to secure 3 months of totally free payments (up to 10 a month).