Your money-in command centre

The easiest way to manage your incoming payments.

Drag & drop your invoices

Our AI system captures all of the invoice data so you don’t have to enter details manually.

  • Use any format

    Our AI model works with any format - no more boring standardised templates.

  • Save time

    Save time through an easy drag and drop or uploading in bulk.

Dashboard with a view to drop invoices.
Woman getting SMS, email, whatsapp reminders.

Intelligent chasing

Tell us how you would like to reach your customer and how frequently you would like to remind them.

  • Optimised for all channels

    Send invoices to your customers by text, email and WhatsApp.

  • Intelligent reminders

    Use our AI recommendations for the best time to reach customers.  Want to take control yourself? No problem, you also have full flexibility to set your own rules.

Configure down payments and instalments.

Want to take an upfront payment on an invoice or set up an instalment plan? We have you covered.

  • Easily manage upfront payments

    Select a % of the payment to be taken up front as a down payment.

  • More flexibility for your customers.

    Configure an instalment plan for your customers and let us handle the complexity of taking and reconciling each payment.

Instalment settings in the dashboard
Table view of invoices

Payment status at a glance

No more checking bank statements or Excel.

  • Track and edit

    Automatically track the payment status and manually intervene if you need to cancel an invoice or book a cash payment.

  • Streamline your accounting

    Export transactions to your accounting software, with proper 2-way reconciliation and we've even solved for fees.

Simple and fast way to get your invoices paid

No code

Drag and drop your invoices and let us handle the rest.

Fraud protection

To keep you and your customers safe.

Down payments

Easily configure down payments.


Automatically collect payments in instalments.

Instant notifications

Watch those payments coming in.

Effortless tracking

Check payment status at a glance.

Shape the future of billing with us

We are building Adfin with some of the most dynamic businesses out there. In return for putting up with the odd broken link, we'll build you the product of your dreams and give you £10k of payments entirely free of charge per month for your first 3 months - with no contract or minimums. We will close this beta soon, so don't delay if you are interested.