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Purpose built forProgrammatic

AD/FIN offers the only intelligence platform specifically designed for the scale, speed, and security of programmatic media trading.

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Big Data Conquered

The vast scale of programmatic, together with a need for price visibility and transparency, motivated AD/FIN to design a platform that could:

  • INGEST billions of transaction files daily
  • STORE trillions of data points in perpetuity
  • QUERY petabyte-size databases in seconds
  • NORMALIZE from virtually any player in the system

With BILLIONS of daily transactions, the programmatic media markets are already 100x larger than the NASDAQ by volume, with no signs of slowing down.

Source: NASDAQ, AD/FIN analysis, 2014.

Revolutionary Platform

Every programmatic trade outputs detailed transaction logs and associated metadata, invaluable big data that AD/FIN's patent-pending technology turns into powerful intelligence.

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image description SCALE & SPEED Smart Simple Secure

Where other programmatic technologies are DSP-specific or designed for tactical transactions, AD/FIN’s platform can ingest, process, and analyze programmatic data at scale from virtually any player in the ecosystem.

  • SCALE & SPEED: Advanced hyper-querying and data compression scales to petabytes while retaining maximum speed
  • Smart: Machine learning, proprietary algorithms, and AD/FIN’s classification and taxonomy systems drive intelligent queries and results
  • Simple: APIs and hooks into major DSP, SSP, and ATD data sources. Transfer options include Log File transfer, Server to Server (S2S), and/or Pixel call
  • Secure: Scans only the minimum required data fields per trade, and never ingests Personally Identifiable Information (PII). All market data is aggregated, anonymized and stripped of sensitive elements, segregated in firewall-protected stores. Plus, all transaction log files are deleted soon after being ingested
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Bringing Data to Life

AD/FIN’s cutting-edge visualization engine, capable of illustrating market insights and trends at lightning speed, gives users the power to search, sort, and visualize programmatic data as never before.

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