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Tools of the trade

AD/FIN combines our powerful purpose-built software platform with expert professional services to provide solutions tailored to the unique media strategies of our clients.

We offer two product editions on the platform: AD/BOX for data storage and AD/COMPLETE for comprehensive analysis.


Never Loose Mission Critical Data

Data Control & Governance

Never Lose Mission Critical Data

Capture Before your Data is Discarded

Auto Ingest, Normalize & Store

100% Analysis & Audit Ready

24x7x365 access to AD/BOX dashboards



Intelligence & Optimizations

100% Supply Chain Transparency

100% Media Accountability & Auditability

Robust Supply Chain & Trading Optimization Toolkit

Real-time, Continuous Insights

24x7x365 access to AD/COMPLETE dashboards


  • Secure, perpetual storage of bid logs/transaction data
  • Continuous automated ingestion, normalization, compression, storage
  • Data is on-demand ready for deeper analysis
  • Minimum 12-Month Secure Storage
  • Dashboard available for real-time data composition and key stats
  • Ideal for benchmarking, forecasting, future negotiations and media audits
  • Allows advertiser to maintain a continuous, consistent data set


Monitor, analyze, and assess ALL of your programmatic trades and operations from one platform.

  • Account for every dollar
  • Monitor all campaigns, channels and programs in a single dashboard
  • Provide Company-wide fully automated reports
  • See unparalleled Insights & Visualization
  • Evaluate team and vendor performance
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Choose Smarter Buys
  • Recover Waste