Our Products

We provide solutions tailored to the unique media strategies of our clients.

AD/FIN's flexible product suite consists of our AD/COMPLETE and AD/ENGINE Business Intelligence tools, offering reporting and visualization capabilities, or the ability to integrate AD/FIN normalized data with your existing systems.

Both solutions are powered by our underlying proprietary Data Warehouse AD/BOX.

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Our Products

Built For Flexibility And Control

AD/FIN combines our powerful proprietary Data Warehouse with expert professional services to provide solutions tailored to the unique media strategies of our clients.


For Data Storage And Normalization


For Real-time Reporting and Visualization


To Integrate ADFIN Data With Your Existing Platforms

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Data Retention & Normalization

Media Data Warehouse
Retain And Store All Media Data In One Place
Automated Data Capture And Normalization
Advanced Compression For Cost-Effective Storage

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Reporting & Visualization

Real-Time Business Intelligence
Full Media Visibility
Supply Path Optimization
Operational Intelligence & Insights
Media Optimizations using AL/MI

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Data Integration

Internal & External Connectors
Unified Media Data Warehouse Across the Entire Organization
Single Integration Point, To Build Internal Or Customer Facing Tools
Enhance Existing BI Tools or Build New Ones
Tableau and Looker Friendly
Query Billions Of Rows Across All Paid Media Channels In Seconds
Real-time Access To All Your Data In One Single System
We Handle Your ETL, Data-prep, And Connectors So You Can Focus On Modeling And Analytics

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