Assembly announces unprecedented new levels of media transparency with AD/FIN partnership

Provides Clients Third-Party Control of Trading Information

January 18, 2017 – New York, NY

— Provides Clients Third-Party Control of Trading Information —
— Groundbreaking Agreement Sets New Industry Standard for Transparency —

Assembly, MDC Media Partners flagship full-service media agency has announced a groundbreaking agreement with AD/FIN, the leading source for independent digital media intelligence, to pay for clients to have complete third-party access to their digital transaction information. This unprecedented step raises the bar on digital media transparency giving all Assembly’s clients the opportunity to have their data independently ingested into AD/FIN’s AD:BOX platform making it accessible to them for a minimum 12-month period and available for analysis and audit directly with AD/FIN without Assembly’s involvement.

Under the terms of the agreement, AD/FIN will process and securely store the granular transaction data for programmatic impressions purchased by Assembly, specifically demand side platform (DSP) winning bid logs and metadata. Once the data is in AD:BOX, clients can elect to conduct independent analysis for any rolling 12-month period from the point a client joins the program. This will provide clients with unfettered access to proprietary transaction data, a process which can often be difficult (or impossible) for advertisers as revealed in the ANA’s recent report, “Seeing Through the Financial Fog.” In the report, more than 75% of advertisers were unable to get access to their granular transaction data for analysis or audit.

In addition to access to the data for media governance and analysis, clients can gain insights to real-time stats via the AD:BOX dashboard. If they elect for deeper analysis of their data, clients can get a complete picture of their working and non-working programmatic spend, as well as intelligence that can be used for trading optimizations and media cost benchmarking.

“With this agreement, we have set a new industry standard for what full and unfettered transparency means,” said Martin Cass President and CEO of MDC Media Partners and Assembly. “AD/FIN is the undeniable leader in this area and offers our clients secure storage of data and concise ability to analyze how their dollars are delivering for their brands within programmatic media often the most confusing area of a CMO’s media mix. I look forward to other agencies following our lead.”

Andrew Altersohn, CEO of AD/FIN, commented, “We hope clients understand the significance of this move by Assembly at a time when we need tangible actions that deliver the transparency advertisers expect and deserve.” He added, “I’m consistently impressed with Assembly’s willingness to not just talk about transparency and accountability, but to put their money where their mouth is and provide their clients with a real, value-added solution.”

About Assembly
Assembly is a modern media agency with sophisticated data and technology at its core designed to deliver brands unmatched strategy, performance and innovative solutions. Assembly is MDC Media Partners full-service media agency backed by the creative heritage of parent company MDC Partners (NASDAQ: MDCA). Assembly manages a roster of premium brands with offices in markets including New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and Austin, Texas.

About AD/FIN
AD/FIN ( is a next-generation media intelligence company for the programmatic era. As digital media continues to grow exponentially, new approaches are needed to deliver transparency, accountability and unbiased cost, fee and performance insights across the digital supply chain.  AD/FIN is the solution.  AD/FIN is the only purpose-built, independent intelligence platform capable of processing the scale and complexity of programmatic media.  The result: next generation insights, recommendations and decisioning power for digital media buyers and sellers. Based in NYC, AD/FIN is backed by Cantor Ventures and Julserra Holdings.

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