AD/FIN's Media Intelligence Platform

We are the modern data source for advertisers, agencies and media consultants. We centralize all paid media spend and performance data, including traditional, social, search and programmatic channels.

Our clients gain full visibility and control of their costs, supply chain, inventory, and benchmarks. With real-time analysis available to all teams and departments, our clients lower costs, reduce waste and continuously improve performance.

AD/FIN is the System of Record for Paid Media.

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Built for the Complexity & Scale of Modern Media

Store And Normalize Billions Of Data Points

Return Queries Against Petabytes Of Data In Seconds

Analyze Data From Any Source In Any Format

Extensible Architecture For Custom Data Integrations

Leverage Raw Data For Actionable Insights

Every Component Of AD/FIN’s Media Intelligence Platform Makes Your Data More Valuable.

The AD/FIN Platform leverages a proprietary data lake to ensure all media transaction data is stored at its most granular level.  Our AD/BOX data warehouse powers our business intelligence dashboard or connects with your own data analytics tools via the AD/ENGINE API.

Data Integrations Across the Entire Ecosystem

Any data source, any channel, any vendor

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)



Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)

Direct & Traditional

Audience & Sales Data (DMPs and CRMs)

Support For Blockchain

AD/FIN will fully support blockchain when it achieves the speed and broad adoption necessary to handle the programmatic ecosystem.  In the meantime, our Media Intelligence Platform is the only market-ready data warehouse that can seamlessly become another node on the decentralized blockchain.   

Currently, blockchain does not have the speed or scale to meet the demands of todays media ecosystem.

3rd Party Node on the Blockchain for impression level verification

Covers 100% of the supply chain

Unprecedented 25x compression and processing power

Employs an underlying database purpose-built for scale and speed of digital media

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