AD/FIN Partner Programs

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Services Partner Program

Leveraging AD/FIN Services for your Clients

  1. 1
    Partner purchases their own AD/FIN platform instance for use in providing Services to their Clients.  “Partner Services Subscription”

  2. 2
    Partner purchases required Services from AD/FIN for each Client  Project.  “Project Services”.  Such Services are One-time fees and are passed on to the Client

  3. 3
    Partner’s Client does not have access to the AD/FIN platform – the Partner delivers AD/FIN-enabled reports & analysis to the Clients

  4. 4
    Should the Client choose to purchase their own AD/FIN instance, Partner refers Client to AD/FIN per the terms of our Referral Partner Program

Referral Partner Program

Do you have a client or prospect for us?

  1. 1
    Partner provides introductions (Leads) to AD/FIN

  2. 2
    AD/FIN engages the Lead directly and pursues a direct contract

  3. 3
    Should a Lead sign an AD/FIN contract (MSA) and become a Client, AD/FIN pays the Partner a fee of 7% of the contract value  (i.e. the minimum fees fully committed in the MSA, regardless of term)  The referral fee is paid once, and only upon first payment received by AD/FIN from Client

  4. 4
    If appropriate, the Client’s AD/FIN platform instance will include a seat license for the Partner to provide services to Client via the AD/FIN platform

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