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Ebiquity and AD/FIN Partner
to Bring Financial Transparency
to Programmatic Advertising

Joint Industry Study Will Follow the Dollars and Uncover Market Benchmarks

New York – April 22, 2015 – Ebiquity Inc., the marketing performance specialist, and AD/FIN Solutions, the independent programmatic intelligence company, today announced a partnership aimed at bringing greater financial transparency to the programmatic advertising industry. The two companies have come together to conduct an in-depth analysis designed to follow the dollars being spent in programmatic advertising from advertiser to publisher, and to provide the insight, leadership and objectivity that will result in new standards in transparent trading for the industry. The research will kickoff in April and is scheduled for release in Q4 2015.

The partnership combines Ebiquity’s unrivaled insight into media value and extensive roster of global brands with AD/FIN’s proprietary technology platform built for large-scale programmatic trade data, to conduct a deep dive into the programmatic advertising space. The joint study is designed to equip advertisers with a greater understanding of this new buying tactic, a deeper awareness of the value chain, and – armed with new insights – an opportunity to improve efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic buying across all channels.

“It is time to shed light on the programmatic advertising industry and AD/FIN is the perfect partner for us as we work to do just that; their independence and focus on transparency are two fundamental values we share” said PJ Leary, Chairman, North America of Ebiquity. “Our hope for this study is to add greater transparency within programmatic buys by enabling our clients to see exactly where their dollars are going. This is important because marketers deserve to know more about the transactional value chain so that they can properly assess the value they’re getting in return.”

The study aims to reveal initial market and participant benchmarks, including working to non-working ratios, working CPMs by channel and segment, and the flow of dollars through the ecosystem from advertiser through to publishers.

“The programmatic markets are already a hundred times the size of the NASDAQ in terms of volume, and growing quickly,” said Andrew Altersohn, CEO of AD/FIN. “The potential for programmatic may be tremendous, but without real price transparency this market will hit a ceiling before its full potential is realized. Today, programmatic trades are shrouded in fog with little visibility into the financial transactions taking place. Our partnership with Ebiquity is a first step in bringing clarity to this space and an initial set of benchmarks from which to measure the programmatic market going forward.”

About AD/FIN

AD/FIN is an independent market intelligence company, which aims to be the definitive source for programmatic media trading intelligence and integrity. For more information, please visit

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Ebiquity is a leading independent marketing analytics specialist. Brands worldwide use our expertise and objective data insights to exploit an evolving marketing landscape and achieve business success. For more information, please visit

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