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Big Data Analytics + Blockchain = Transparency, Optimizations and Savings. Only with AD/FIN.

At AD/FIN, we’re committed to solving the industry’s most pressing needs around media accountability, intelligence and cost saving optimizations. To that end, we’ve been asked by many about our POV on blockchain, and more specifically, how AD/FIN’s platform leverages blockchain technologies.

Here’s the answer: AD/FIN not only supports blockchain, but is the only market-ready analytics platform that seamlessly integrates unparalleled big data analysis for savings and optimizations with the verification and transparency benefits of blockchain.

Blockchain has great potential to aid the industry, specifically in the areas of transparency and supply chain control. Yet, given the complexities of digital media, blockchain is only valuable to advertisers and the media ecosystem when it incorporates the following:

  • Validates data before inclusion in the blockchain
  • Covers 100% of the supply chain
  • Employs an underlying database purpose-built for scale and speed of digital media
  • Translates the resulting data into continuous savings & optimizations

Only AD/FIN validates data before inclusion in the blockchain. Blockchain is only as good as the underlying data. Data must be properly validated before inclusion to ensure completeness, hygiene and accuracy. If not, the potential for “bad data” to be added into the chain remains high. Only AD/FIN does this. AD/FIN automatically reviews the raw data for every impression, validating the data before it is signed and added to the blockchain. If data is incomplete, it can be rejected and required to be reposted before inclusion. AD/FIN performs this critical check whether or not the transaction is signed by the vendor and added to the blockchain, ensuring only the best available data is used in any AD/FIN analysis.

Only AD/FIN covers 100% of the supply chain. Blockchain is only effective if it is comprehensive, covering transactions from all relevant parties and intermediaries. AD/FIN has such coverage, with the ability to ingest aggregated and log level data from all major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), Ad Server(s) and Verification partners. As such, only AD/FIN can ensure every transaction is validated, and signed, before its added to the chain. Since a typical campaign can often have 20+ vendors, including agencies, trading desks, DSPs, SSPs, data providers, verification companies, ad servers, plus thousands of publishers, such coverage is needed.

Only AD/FIN employs an underlying database purpose-built for digital media. At its core, blockchain is a database. But not all databases are created equal nor are all databases right for digital media. AD/FIN’s solution has undergone years of development making it the most secure, scalable and fastest solution on the market. At AD/FIN, data is unified, compressed and securely stored in our proprietary database — Petabucket — which supports signature aggregation and can cryptographically sign and verify the dataset. In addition, Petabucket is a private ledger that does not rely on open source, third party databases that many blockchain providers use. Unlike these other databases, Petabucket was built for the uniqueness, scale and speed of digital media data making it the only such solution on the market.

Only AD/FIN translates captured data into continuous savings & optimizations. What is most differentiating about AD/FIN is that we verify, analyze, and store every impression across the ecosystem, powering a myriad of benefits way beyond the transparency and control mechanisms of blockchain. With AD/FIN, clients leverage their data to achieve the following: 1) Control their Supply Chain, 2) Minimize Inefficiencies, 3) Reduce & Recover Waste, 4) Optimize Trades and Buys…all while 5) Building a Continuous, Proprietary Data Asset.

To sum it up, only AD/FIN provides the advertising community with a solution that seamlessly integrates unparalleled big data analysis with the transparency and control benefits of blockchain.