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AttheIntersection OF Ad & FIN

We believe that markets thrive with greater access to information. This central idea led to the creation of AD/FIN, a platform that brings financial-style trading intelligence to programmatic markets—helping unlock their $100B+ potential.

Lessons from Wall Street

Experience from Wall Street shows that data transparency and “information efficiency” are essential for market growth and sustainability. In fact, without transparency, buyers stop buying and sellers stop selling. The solution is an independent source of unbiased market-wide intelligence. Information needs to be ACCESSIBLE, TIMELY, and UNBIASED for markets to thrive. It’s that simple.

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of advertisers who view programmatic trading as less transparent than “traditional” ad-sales.

Source: World Federation of Advertisers, 2014.

The solution is Ad/FIn!


By combining our knowledge of advertising with best practices of finance,
AD/FIN is championing the development of true financial-style intelligence for programmatic media.

Integrating AD and FIN allows us to:

  • Apply financial-style trading intelligence to the advertising markets.

  • Incorporate large-scale advertising trading data to financial markets in ways that traders and analysts can leverage and understand.

  • Foster innovation through the introduction of new financial instruments to the world of programmatic advertising.