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Stop Trading in The Dark

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Today’s media supply chain is complicated and crowded—Agencies, Trading Desks, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, Exchanges, and Publishers. The result is a financial
"black box."

But what if you could gain clearer insight and visibility into your programmatic media transactions and have real-time access to unbiased intelligence? Do you know…

  • Where each dollar goes?
  • Where value is created?
  • How to maximize your marketing spend?

Ad/Fin can give you
the answers!

How we do it

AD/FIN’s mission is to bring financial style intelligence to programmatic media markets.
Our CAMPAIGN:WATCHTM and CAMPAIGN:CENTRALTM tools shed light into the “black box” of programmatic trading, creating greater clarity and opportunity for advertisers, media buyers and media sellers.


Minimize Non-Working Media

Independent verification and assessment of programmatic campaign trading performance and spend efficiency.

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Maximize working media

Monitor, analyze, and assess ALL of your programmatic trades and operations from one platform.

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Ingest BigData

From any dsp or ssp
in the ecosystem

Extract BigIntelligence

Process billions of records per day
Display queries in seconds

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It’s easy to get started. Just provide permission for AD/FIN to access your
transaction data on your behalf from your trading desk and/or DSPs and we do the rest.

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