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AdFin Platform
Let the Data Tell Your Story
  • Start right away with AdFin’s plug and play integration stack.
  • Get visibility from blackbox systems with groundbreaking aggregation, normalization, and search capabilities that transform your data into beautiful and actionable reports.
  • Put yourself ahead of the curve. Our predictive engine sends intelligent alerts when you need them.
  • Leverage your historic log files to improve your current trading. AdFin’s patent-pending data platform keeps your data fresh and actionable with quick recommendations based on past performance.
AdFin Index
A Window Seat on the Market
  • See beyond your own data with the AdFin Index.
  • Know what to bid, when. Predict market pricing and inventory to eliminate costly test spend cycles.
  • Compare new publishers and advertisers to their peer-sets in the market for rapid onboarding and precise campaign planning.
  • Understand the costs and benefits of floors and white/black lists.
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